The Need

Students, residents, and other practitioners need better, more widely available point of care resources that focus on day-to-day clinical practice. There are many excellent medical education resources, but most either focus on standardized exam preparation, are behind paywalls, or are too broad and encyclopedic to be useful at the point of care. Furthermore, while many utilize EHR templates, they are not widely shared outside of individual health systems due to issues with interoperability.

The Goal

To create accessible and easy to use digital resources that help healthcare professionals tackle common clinical presentations at the point of care. Our content focuses on the workup and treatment of common inpatient and outpatient problems by incorporating and distilling knowledge from guidelines, literature, and other medical education platforms.

The Resources

We create high-yield templates for checklists, HPI intakes, and assessment and plans. We also include pearls, literature, and places where you can go to learn more. The website is complemented by The Point of Care Podcast which summarizes these templates and lessons in audio format, and our YouTube channel with accompanying slides. An eBook and audiobook is coming soon!