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Last Updated: 1/21/2023

# Pancytopenia

-- History: *** night sweats, fevers, weight loss, immune status, ID social hx, meds, h/o cancer, autoimmune dx, viral illnesses
-- Clinical/Exam: *** lymphadenopathy (location, size, tenderness, mobility), bone pain, joint pain, hepatosplenomegaly, Rheum ROS
-- Data: *** see below for first and second pass
-- Etiology/DDx: *** Marrow Suppression - leukemia/lymphoma, MM, chemo drugs; Systemic Illness - cirrhosis, EtOH, SLE/RA, sepsis; Infection - HIV, HCV, CMV/EBV; medications

The patient's HPI is notable for ***. Exam showed ***. Labwork and data were notable for ***. Taken together, the patient's presentation is most concerning for ***, with a differential including ***.

-- First pass - CBC w/ Diff, retic, smear, LFTs, TSH, B12/Folate, PT/PTT, fibrinogen, HIV, HBV, HCV
-- Second pass - BMBx, Cu, Zn, LDH, DAT, ANA, RF/CCP, ESR/CRP, SPEP, CMV, EBV, Parvovirus, UDS

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